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Annuity Rate Watch’s Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefit (GLIB) Quoting App will save you countless hours trying to find the Annuity Product with the Highest Guaranteed Income for Retirement. The app accesses an extensive and ever-growing database of annuity products that offer lifetime income. It simultaneously generates a quote for each product based on your client’s age, state of residence and premium. You can sort the quotes for the highest income amount or total income amount after 10 years or 30 years. Compare side-by-side ledgers and payouts at various benefit ages for a full understanding of the products and then get an attractive, detailed report comparing your top choices that your client will really appreciate.

After a few trial quotes, continued use of the app can be paid for per annuitant. That is, you can receive over a hundred comparison quotes, choose your top picks, compare payout ages and select the top products for a detailed report all for one annuitant for just a few dollars. Changing annuitants will require the purchase of another credit.

Try the app and see how much power you will have at your fingertips.

Available on the Web or as an App on your Tablet


Get a web subscription and use BOTH the website and App!

Web Based Subscriptions to fit your business

Annuity Rate Watch Subscription with Rider Quoting

The Annuity Rate Watch Subscription gives full access to all 1,200+ annuity products and rates. You also get our search tools, comparison tools, with OptionaGLIB Rider Quoting and the Insight Illustration System®  with ample runs for a individual subscriber.  You also get access to our SPIA Quoting Engine

  • Detail information on over 1,200 annuity products from over 80 different carriers
  • Advanced annuity search engine with over 20 search filters
  • Insight Illustration System® - Comparative Hypothetical Illustration Systems
  • GLIB Rider Quoting - Which Carrier has the best GLIB Rider for your client? 
  • SPIA Quoting Engine -retrieve multiple SPIA quotes direct from the carriers
  • New Business Forms

This subscription is for a single user only and includes GLIB Rider Quoting providing 3 FREE Quotes, additional quotes are $2.50 each. 

SPIA Quoting will be an additional charge on a per-run basis, but is currently available at no charge.

CONTACT US FOR  A FREE DEMO :  1-866-812-6800

Website Annuity Product Grids
  • Expand your website with extensive annuity product information. Our pages separate over 1,200 annuity products into a convenient groupings: MYGA, Traditional Fixed, Fixed Indexed, SPIA. Advanced search capabilities allow you to narrow in on details such as account calculation methods and reset periods, while our simple filters give you the power to quickly find products by company, premium, surrender period and state. Recruit brokers with forms to 'Request Brokers Kit' any product.
  • Our Administrator's Console gives you the ability to configure your site including which carriers/products to display and which ones to feature. You can even add short commentary for products.
  • Internally you will also have complete access to ARW's complete product database via "Compeitive Intelligence". Know what your competitors are offering, and position yourself to be knowledgable and competitive to your agents. 

As an OPTIONAL enhancement we also offer GLIB Rider Quoting. Our GLIB Rider Quoting allows your internal wholesalers or your brokers to create "apples to apples" side by side comparisons.

The basic GLIB Rider Quoting begins at $75.00 per month. Call us for more details.


Carrier Console and Tools

Annuity Rate Watch works closely with carriers and provides free access to an administrator's Console where companies can gain insight to general statitics on how their products are viewed and compared.

Carriers should have their SPIA products quoted on our engine for top exposure to thousands of agents.

The Annuity Rate Watch Offers Carriers:

  • Administrative Console - update rates, forms, view logs and reports
  • Update your company's interest rates, state approvals, forms
  • Annuity Illustrations - use our engine to illustrate your products
  • SPIA Quoting - Add your SPIA to our multiple carrier quoting engine
  • Forms - New Business Forms