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One feature that sets us apart from the competition is our vast warehouse of data describing products. Our product descriptions are, by far, the most comprehensive in the industry. Imagine the time you'll save getting on this information in one place.

For convenience, Annuity products are listed by three different types: Multi-year Guaranteed Annuities, Traditional Fixed Annuities and Equity Indexed Annuities. We provide multiple views, so you can choose the listing that shows just the information you are looking for. Clicking a product displays the full product description with provisions, rates, riders and the state-specific information you need to know.

Complete Information with Daily Updates

We update our product information daily as interest rates or product changes are received. Forward looking rate changes are posted by thier new effective date giving brokers notice of pending rate changes.

Annuity Product Grids Feature Summary

  • Save time with one place to find all your annuity information and tools
  • Detail information on over 1,000 annuity products from over 60 different carriers
  • Advanced annuity search engine with over 20 search filters
  • Rates and provisions updated daily
  • Direct access to New Business Forms

Mutli-year Guaranteed Annuity Grid (MYGA)