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Individual Brokers

AnnuityRateWatch - Designed for the Individual Brokers

AnnuityRateWatch subscribers ( Individual Brokers, Registered Representatives, Home Office Personal) have access to our full Annuity Database and all Analysis Tools including Advanced Annuity Search filter and our Annuity Illustration System.

As individual subscriber you are empowered with reports, graphs, and detailed product information needed to effectively communicate and sell annuities to your clients.

You can enter client information and save it in your client database, search for products that meet your client needs, run illustrations, find the forms you need to write the case, and save them to your desk top or email them to your client.

Summary of Features

  • Detail information on over 1,000 annuity products from over 60 different carriers
  • Advanced annuity search engine with over 20 search filters
  • Hypothetical Fixed Index Annuity Illustration System
  • SPIA Quoting Engine retrieves multiple quotes direct from the carriers
  • Client Management System
  • New Business Forms

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Our time saving SPIA Quoting Engine queries multiple carrier instantly to give you consolidated comparison quotes.

Our Annuity Illustration System compares multiple products to help you choose the best products and accounts by illustrating hypothetical performance over various market periods dating back to 1950.