Carrier Products

Update Interest Rates, State Approvals, SPIA Quoting

Interest Rates

We have loaded interest rates for each of your products in our database.

Once you register to gain access to your company's administrative back end, you can change interest rates for your products, in advance of the effective date.

This is an essential part of running annuity illustrations. Should you take advantage of our "cloud computing" illustration system this is automatically included.

State Approvals

You can edit state approvals in a similar manner to Interest Rates.

SPIA Factors

For those of you who have had us build your SPIA Quoting Engine for your web site through your administrate console you can update the factors used in generating your SPIA Quotes.

Footprint and Reach

We currently provide "datafeeds" to over 250 IMO's, BGA's Banks and Broker/Dealers. Based on the organizations that use our data we estimate that about 200,000 to 300,000 brokers and registered representatives have access to our data.