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Annuity Rate Watch works closely with carriers with mutual benefits. Most services are FREE for the carrier! Our pages are viewed by over ten thousand unique visitors every day, contact us to see how we can work together.

We have created an administrative section for you at "no charge" to your company - all you have to do is register. Once you register and log in in you will have access to the following features:

Update Your Companies Interest Rates

We have entered your companies annuity products to our database and through your administrative console you can update pending rate changes. Just following the link to the "Current Rate Page", enter the new rates and enter the "Effective Date" of the change.

Once you enter the rates all of our "annuity data feed" (IMO's, Bank and Broker/Dealers) clients will instantly see thier web site updated with the effective date of the change and the new rates. Also all of our registered users of the "Dashboard" will see a pending rate change posted on thier dashboard, all PDA and mobile cell phone users will be notified.

On the date that the new rates go into effect the old rates are replaced with the new rates, dashboards are updated and PDA and mobile cell phone users are notified.

Dashboard Access

Post messages to your dashboard for distribution to your IMO's, Banks, Broker/Dealer, Subscribers to the Annuityratewatch and registered users of the Dashboard.

The Dashboard is more effective than the an email since it resides on the Dashboard for the number of days you elect or until an event occurs.

Annuity Illustrations

Annuity Rate Watch are experts at accurately illustrating product-specific calculations. Using our cloud-computing approach, you can lease an illustration system for a fraction of the cost to build it.

Annuity Illustration Reports

See the number of times a illustration was run for one of your annuity products. Our reports tack the number of times each of your products have been run.

SPIA Quoting - SPIA Reports

Be part of our SPIA Quoting tool. We'll tie into your SPIA quoting engine (or build one for you) then your SPIA quotes will be in front of thousands of brokers giving you a competitive edge.

Our SPIA reports track the total number of"quotes", the number of times your product was included in a "quote" and which payout options were selected.


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