AnnuityRateWatch - Single User Subscription

Annuity Rate Watch Subscription with Rider Quoting

The Annuity Rate Watch Subscription gives full access to all 1,200+ annuity products and rates. You also get our search tools, comparison tools, with OptionaGLIB Rider Quoting and the Insight Illustration System®  with ample runs for a individual subscriber.  You also get access to our SPIA Quoting Engine

  • Detail information on over 1,200 annuity products from over 80 different carriers
  • Advanced annuity search engine with over 20 search filters
  • Insight Illustration System® - Comparative Hypothetical Illustration Systems
  • GLIB Rider Quoting - Which Carrier has the best GLIB Rider for your client? 
  • SPIA Quoting Engine -retrieve multiple SPIA quotes direct from the carriers
  • New Business Forms

This subscription is for a single user only and includes GLIB Rider Quoting providing 3 FREE Quotes, additional quotes are $2.50 each. 

SPIA Quoting will be an additional charge on a per-run basis, but is currently available at no charge.

CONTACT US FOR  A FREE DEMO :  1-866-812-6800

SPIA Quoting (Single User Edition)

We have created a single sources spia quoting engine whereby you can enter your client information once and generate multiple quotes simultaneously.

Our unique approached to SPIA Quoting provides the user with a hard copy quote
generated by your server. Accuracy, compliance issues and timeleness of your
quote is never in question.

  • Life Only, Life with Period Certain, Period Certain Quotes
  • Split Annuities - You Select the MYGA Products Combinations
  • Reverse Split Annuities - Solve for a specific payout amount.

Registration Required - Currently No Change

We have not yet determined a pricing schedule. Our price will be based on the number of products selected with a maximum dollar amount per quote.