Website Products for Annuity Retailers

The Annuity Rate Watch Retail Data Feed extends your website with extensive annuity product information and consumer lead attraction and management.

Adding our pages to your website is not complicated. After registration, we'll immediately provide you with a link to your own customizable site. Add that link to your web site either by opening a pop-up window or embeding the page into an iFrame/frame. It's that easy.

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Website Datafeeds -Retail

Expand your website with extensive annuity product information. Our pages separate over 1,200 annuity products into a convenient groupings: MYGA, Traditional Fixed, Fixed Indexed, SPIA. Advanced search capabilites allow you to narrow in on details such as account calculation methods and reset periods, while our simple filters give you the power to quickly find products by company, premium, surrender period and state. Generate Consumer Leads when consumers request more informatino with the "Learn More" product link.  All Cosnumer Leada are sent to your designated email address and stored in your client file.

Our Administrator's Console gives you the ability to configure your site including which carriers/products to display and which ones to feature. You can even add short commentary for products.

There is a one-time setup fee of $750
When ordering more than one service, only one setup fee is applied