Annuity Rate Watch Subscription Options

Annuity Rate Watch offers a variety of subscription options for the individual user, small office or to expand your website using our unique data feed tools.

Single User Edition

Individual Brokers, Registered Representatives and Financial Advisors can have the power of the Rate Watch offering extensive detail on over 1,000 products, current and upcoming rates, annuity illustrations and more. The Single User Edition is not available for employes of insurance companies or employes or affiliates of distributors.   Learn More

Available only for an individual user, restrictions on number of illustrations are applied


We offer free access to carriers. All you need to do is register to gain access to view how your products are being displayed to hundreds of distributors and hundreds of thousand of brokers.

The "Annuity Product Research" section is available exclusively for Carriers. Learn which products are trending in popularity, product pricing research on a current and historical basis. Learn More

Distributors (two versions available)

Our extensive product product information, powerful search engine, rates and illustration tools on your website instantly!

Our administrative console gives you control over which products and carriers are displayed. You can highlight specific products as "hot" or "featured" and even add some custom text to highlight the benefits of the product.

  Available in two versions:

» Web Version for the  IMO, Bank, Broker/Detailer

Everything you need to get your website up and running quickly. Our illustration tool has a management feature that asks brokers to create an account. As the administrator, you can choose which products they can illustrate. Our reports lets you see who is running which products.   Learn More

» Web Version for  Retailers

A special edition for retailers, just the right amount of information for the consumer, plus the ability to collect and manage leads.   Learn More