Immediate SPIA Quoting

We built a single-source SPIA Quoting Engine that allows you to enter your client information once and receive multiple quotes immediately from a list of carriers!

Think of the time you'll save by getting a list of quotes instantly at your fingertips. The results will be a grid of quotes that include a variety of terms, both period certain and Life options and come from several different carriers at once.

No need to submit your contact information and wait for a call back from a sales person, the results appear on your screen within moments.

You can run Traditioanl Quotes, Split Annuities and Reverse Split Annuities!

Our unique approached to SPIA Quoting allows you to choose your preferred results and then receive a hard copy quote generated directly from the carrier; immediately!

Accuracy, compliance issues and timeliness of your quote is never in question.

Multiple Quoting Options

  • Life Only, Life with Period Certain, Period Certain Quotes
  • Split Annuities - You Select the MYGA Products Combinations
  • Reverse Split Annuities - Solve for a specific payout amount.

A growing list of carriers

  • Allianz Life
  • Genworth Life
  • Symetra Life
  • Integrity Life
  • Protective Lif
  • RBC Life Insurance
  • West Coast Life

     Our SPIA Quotes Engine. A grid of choices, direct from the providers