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IMO’s, Banks and BD’s

Fixed Annuities

  • Customizable Annuity Grids

  • Your Company Logo and Colors

  • Show Only Your Carriers & Products

  • 80+ Carriers

  • Competitive Intelligence Database

  • Income Rider Quote Requests

  • Print & Save Rates and Reports FREE

Annuity Rate Watch Datafeed

Variable Annuities

  • Customize VA Grids

  • Variable, RILA - Structured and IOVA Products 

  • Living Benefits, Sub-accounts, Options, Fees 

  • Side-by-Side Comparisons

  • Print & Save Rates and Reports FOR FREE

Income Rider Quoting

  • Quote All Income Riders In One Place

  • Stacked Growth / Increasing Income 

  • Enhanced Benefits

  • Fixed Indexed, RILA and Variable Annuities 

  • Compare Benefit Payouts by Age

  • Easy To Present PDF Presentation

  • Email Report Directly To Client


Hypothetical Illustrations

  • Calculate Hypothetical Returns

  • Best, Worst and Current Period Reports

  • Best Performing Account Reports

  • Contractual Minimum Values

  • Compare Product Ledgers Side-by-Side

  • Email To Your Client

SPIA Quoting

  • Quotes Directly From Carriers

  • Compare Payout Options

  • Collect Actual Carrier PDF Quote

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Annuity Analytics

  • Best Performing Index Annuity Strategies

  • FIA Index Library

  • FIA & RILA Strategy Probability of Returns

  • FIA Account Strategy Pricing Report

  • Best - Worst - Current Index Performance Chart

  • Historical MYGA Yields Chart

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