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Fixed Annuitiy CTA

MYGA / Fixed / FIA 

Product Specs, State Variations, Commissions
Traditional Fixed - MYGA - Fixed Index Annuity Rates
Best Performing Strategies Grid, Analytics
Current, Historic & Upcoming Rates

Variable / RILA / IOVA

Traditional - Structured - IOVA / RILA - VA

Living Benefits, Subaccounts, GLIBs 

M&E , Fees & More

Income Rider Quoting

Quote All Lifetime Income Riders Available
Find the BEST Payout For Your Client 
Side-by-Side Reports
Full Account Ledgers​
Stacked Growth - Enhanced Benefits - Level Options
Variable Annuity
Rider Quoting CTA
Hypothetical Illistrations CTA


 Performance Based On Historical Index Values
Side-By-Side Performance Charts
Best Performing Strategies Report
Current - Best - Worst Period Report
SPIA Quoting CTA
SPIA Quotes Directly From Top Carriers
Compare All Possible Pay Out Modals
Retrieve Actual Carrier PDF Quote 




For Independent Brokers

For distributors including Broker-dealers, IMOs, FMOs, Financial Institutions, Banks and more

For Insurance Companies


Best Performing FIA Accounts

FIA Index Library

FIA and RILA Probability of Returns

FIA Accounts Standard Deviation Report

Best Worst Charts By Index 

 Historical MYGA Yields 

 And More


SPIA Quoting

Annuity API

Create your own financial planning and quoting tools with one of our API's

Fixed Annuity API

MYGA Annuity API

FIA Annuity API

Variable Annuity API

Lifetime Income API

Historic Annuity API

Historic Product Look Up

Historic Annuity Product Search
Would you like to be able to see previously issued products and rates that were available in the past? 
AnnuityRateWatch's Historic grids provide you just that. See the rates and products that were available on that speicific date and time.

Product Replacement Quoting

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